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Outline of the Nanae Onuma International Tourism and Convention Association


英文名:Nanae Onuma International Tourism and Convention Association


Onuma International Communication Plaza, 85-15 Onuma-cho, Nanae, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido Japan (as of January 2015)
電話(0138)67-3020  FAX(0138)67-2176

3.Areas of business

  1. Introduction and advertisement of sightseeing areas to attract visitors from Japan and elsewhere, provision of related information and implementation of events
  2. Survey, research and planning on sightseeing and conventions
  3. Construction and improvement of sightseeing resources and convention facilities
  4. Advertisement and development of gifts and souvenirs at tourist spots
  5. Quality improvement of people involved in tourism and convention business
  6. Conservation of natural scenery and natural surroundings
  7. Management or management on commission of sightseeing and convention facilities
  8. Cooperation with national and local governments, and liaison and coordination with related organizations
  9. In addition to the items listed above, matters related to business necessary to achieve the goals of the association

Membership list

一般社団法人七飯大沼国際観光コンベンション協会 会員名簿(平成29年度) 会員名(公式サイトリンク) 備考 (有)旭屋 レストラン 梓 イクサンダー大沼カヌーハウス 石田 勉 (有)エ …


Articles of Incorporation

一般社団法人 七飯大沼国際観光コンベンション協会 定款 第1章 総則 (名称) 第1条  この法人は、一般社団法人七飯大沼国際観光コンベンション協会(英文Nanae Onuma International Tourism  …