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The Onuma Hakodate Snow and Ice Festival

A jumbo slide made with the Ice which cut from frozen Onuma lake,
and events held a full winter activities.

The Onuma Hakodate Snow and Ice Festival is a big event in the winter of Southern Hokkaido where it was started from 1965 by memory that “Hakodate, Nanae (Onuma), Matsumae and Esashi” was appointed for international Tourist root in 1964. “The jumbo slide” of approximately 20m in total length to make with the ice which cut from Onuma lake is extreme popularity for children every year. (Adults can slide too!) And in the festival, the snow sculptures which local primary and Jr high school students produced, the ice carving are displayed, and the stalls such as the “hot Oden” are lined. It is an event to enjoy the winter wonder land of Onuma Park.


The Onuma Hakodate Snow and Ice Festival

会場: Onuma Park Plaza

アクセス方法: 5min walk from JR Onuma koen Sta.

主催: 第58回大沼函館雪と氷の祭典実行委員会

開催日: Feb.10th-12th.2024

お問い合わせ: 一般社団法人七飯大沼国際観光コンベンション協会

電話: 0138-67-3020