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Onuma beef

Onuma Town provides high-grade beef that ranges from marbled beef to matured beef. Onuma is a place of delicious beef.

Needless to say, Onuma is also a livestock area. Various brand cattle, including Hakodate Onuma Cattle, High-grade Japanese Black Cattle and Yamakawa Cattle, are raised here.。

Image: roast beef, Table De Rivage

Hakodate Onuma Cattle is a hybrid of Japanese Black Cattle and Holstein Cattle raised near Onuma Quasi-National Park in Nanae Town, Hokkaido. The beef is characterized by its soft red meat and a fatty Japanese beef flavor.

Image: beef fillet steak, Challenge Beef Onuma Kurobeko

High-grade Japanese Black Cattle are carefully and tenderly raised by local dairy farmers. The farmers are particular about the soil, water and grass they use to raise cattle in Onuma’s natural surroundings. This marbled beef has a mellower flavor and a juicier texture than normal beef, and delicious dishes using it are available at reasonable prices at directly managed restaurants.

Image: Yamakawa Farm Roast Beef Sandwich Shop

Onuma Yamakawa Cattle are high-quality beef cattle raised with mineral-rich spring water, high-quality grain, and producers’ affection and experience under the motto of “safe and trustworthy beef.” The farm uses lean beef and matures it at low temperature for at least two months to make it softer and more delicious. Yamakawa beef can only be eaten at Yamakawa Farm’s restaurant.

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