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Frequently asked questions
and points to note on sightseeing in Onuma

Are there any places to leave large baggage including suitcases?

There are coin-operated lockers in JR Onuma Koen Station and Onuma International Communication Plaza (Onuma Tourist Information Center).

In addition to coin-operated lockers, a baggage service that allows users to check in suitcases and other large baggage for 400 yen each is also available at Onuma International Communication Plaza (Onuma Tourist Information Center) next to JR Onuma Koen Station (hours: 9:00– 17:00).

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Please note that the number of coin-operated lockers in the station is limited.

I’d like to withdraw money. Are there any ATMs at convenience stores in Onuma Park?

There are no ATMs at convenience stores in Onuma Park.

The nearest convenience store with an ATM to JR Onuma Koen Station is in front of JR Onuma Station, the next station (approx. 20 min. on foot from Onuma Park). The post office is approximately eight minutes on foot from JR Onuma Koen Station. It is recommended to prepare cash (Japanese yen) in advance because the stores that accept credit cards are limited in Onuma Park.

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Please note that there are no camera shops or supermarkets in the park. It is advisable to prepare batteries and basic medicines in advance.
※The drugstore near the Onuma Park Plaza was closed on December, 2017.

Where can I find maps and tourist information?

These are available at Onuma International Comunication Plaza (Onuma Tourist Information Center).

Onuma International Communication Plaza (Onuma Tourist Information Center) is located directly next to JR Onuma Koen Station. Foreign languages (English, Chinese) services are also available here. In addition to maps and tourist information, the facility also helps with inquiries about various activities and accommodations as well as reservations for them. Please feel free to drop by.

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“I wish to know how I can enjoy Onuma.” “Where can I rent a bicycle?” “I’d like to try horseback riding and canoeing. How should I make reservations?” Such questions and concerns can be solved here! If you have any trouble, come to the Tourist Information Center.

Can I tour around Onuma by bus?

Unfortunately, there are no buses running around Lake Onuma.

The road running around Lake Onuma is approximately 14 kilometers long. Traveling the road takes roughly 30 minutes by car and 70 to 90 minutes by bicycle. It is recommended to enjoy cycling on sunny days. There are some bicycle rental stores in front of JR Onuma Koen Station, and bicycles can be rented by the hour or by the day.

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There is much to see at the lakeside, including great views, a large community of Asian skunk cabbage and Komagatake Shrine, which is known as a power spot.

Can I rent a car?

There is no rental car shop at Onuma Koen Station.

Please rent a car at JR Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station, Hakodate Station or Hakodate Airport. Onuma Park is approximately 15 minutes by car from Shin-Hakodate Hokuto Station and 50 minutes by car from Hakodate Station.

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To travel around Lake Onuma and visit restaurants and shops in the surrounding area, it is convenient to drive a car. However, it is difficult to arrange a rental car after arriving at Onuma Park.

Where can I see Mt. Komagatake?

It can be seen from Onuma Park Square, walking paths, the road around the lake and other places.

It is a lucky day if you can have a clear view of Mt. Komagatake! Everyone wishes to see a fine view of Lake Onuma against the backdrop of Mt. Komagatake, but you are lucky if you can see Mt. Komagatake. Enjoy the beauty of Onuma.

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Even on cloudy days, Mt. Komagatake may be seen between the clouds.

Are there any ekiben (boxed lunches) available at the stations?

As of Feb. 2024, there are no shops at Onuma Koen Station. You can buy lunch boxes at restaurants around the station that have a take-out menu, it may take 20 to 30 minutes from ordering to completion.

Station Hotel Asahiya in front of JR Onuma Koen Station sells Asahiya Bento (boxed lunch with rice and a variety of side dishes).
9:30~15:30 TEL:0138-67-2654

●At Woods (Mori Shoten) , you can take out spicy special curry, roast lamb sandwiches, and atka mackerel fried sandwiches.
9:00~17:00 TEL:0138-67-2067

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At Onuma Information center, you can order THE DANSHAKU LOUNGE's "Danshaku Bento".
On the same day, orders placed by 12:00 will be delivered at 1:30 p.m.
Orders placed by 1:30 p.m. will be delivered at 15:00, orders by 15:00 will be delivered at 16:30.

Are there any modes of transportation other than the JR train to go from Onuma Park to Hakodate?

There are route buses available (buses bound for Hakodate or Shikabe, three services per day for each destination).  There are also direct shuttle buses to Hakodate Airport (3 times a day).

For a efficient trip, it is advisable to check the schedule of available transportation in advance. Timetables are available at JR Onuma Koen Station and Onuma International Communication Plaza (Onuma Tourist Information Center).

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The number of route bus services is limited (only three per day each for Hakodate Station and Shikabe). Please check the schedule of the return transportation in advance.

Are there any indoor facilities for experience and sightseeing?

Onuma Park features outdoor activities in the natural surroundings, and the number of indoor experience programs is limited.

Handmade experience
Sawade Fur Shop: mink brooch-making (A fluffy, pretty, one-of-a-kind brooch can be made. Time required: 20 min.) Facilities to see (travel by route bus, car or taxi from Onuma Park)
Hakodate Wine factory (advance reservations necessary for Hakodate Wine factory) Sightseeing ships
Sightseeing ships are operated every day between mid April and early December except on foggy, windy and heavy rainy days. Don’t worry about getting wet, the ships have roofs and windows. Drive: tour of shops offering gourmet food, souvenirs and local products
Nanae is home to numerous sweets shops. It is recommended to drive around the suburban area.

One point

The rich natural environment is one appeal of Onuma. If forecasts indicate that bad weather is likely, you may want to change your plans or prepare measures against the rain. Even on rainy days, you can enjoy walking if it is warm. Rain is a blessing of nature for living beings. Guided tours of Onuma are conducted every day (even for individuals). It is also recommended to take a walk with a guide who will tell you his or her story about Onuma.

(Winter season) Can I rent a bicycle?

(Winter season) You cannot ride a bicycle when it snows.

The road freezes and it is sometimes too slippery to walk during the snow season. Riding a bicycle is not allowed during winter because of the risk of falling.

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It is recommended to walk or take a taxi.

(Winter) Can I get on the frozen lake?

(Winter season) Do not go onto the frozen lake!

The surface of Lake Onuma freezes in winter. It looks like a snow filed, but some points are not strong enough to hold the weight of a person. Activities on ice (i.e., snowmobiling, sledging, buggy riding and fishing) are conducted after the thickness of the ice has been measured and the safety is ensured. Do not go onto the ice where an off-limits sign is posted and no staff are stationed. There is a risk of falling through the ice.

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It is difficult to see the boundary between the ground and the lake when the area is covered with snow. Off-limits signs are posted. Please follow the instructions.