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Tourist Information・Souvenir

Onuma International Communication Plaza

Located next to JR Onuma Koen Station.
Let’s get information of Onuma park.

We have free maps, brochures of Nanae and Onuma Quashi-National Park, various activity’s menus, and sightseeing information, provided in Japanese, English and Chinese. Temporary luggage storage service available (400yen/baggage, a day). If you have large suitcases, you can leave them and enjoy your sightseeing without stress with your bags. We also have free lounge which placed some chairs and tables, so feel free to take a seat for your short break. The shop inside sell a cup of coffee, bottled milk, and some local specialties such as apple chips, jam, and postcards for souvenir.

If you have 2 hours or more to stay in Onuma, how about to join the walking guide tour from information center? You will be able to enjoy the nature, seasonal wild flowers and local guide’s fun talking (Language is Japanese Only) .

Feel free to visit and ask us anytime!

■Accepting cashless payments
・Credit Card(VISA・MASTER・American Express・Others)
・QR code payment(PayPay・RPay・aupay・Alipay・Others)
■Menu Language (Japanese. English. An original Chinese character. A simplified Chinese character. )
■Entirely non-smoking
■Parking lot Available
■Lend wheelchairs for free
■There are café and souvenirs booth
■Multi-Purpose Toilet Available
■Diaper Changing table Available
■Barrier Free
■Facilities are available for group of over 15 people
■There is cycle stands for the Road bike
■Any family with children is welcome
■Pets are also welcome (only outside)

Updated on May. 2024


Onuma International Communication Plaza

住所: 85-15, Onumacho, Nanae-cho Kameda-gun, Hokkaido, 041-1354, Japan

電話: +81-138-67-2170

営業時間: 9:00-17:00

定休日: Dec 31 to Jan 2