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The Onuma Lakeside Relay Race

Lakeside Onuma long-distance relay race competition.

It’s a long distance relay race with Onuma lakeside circulation road as its stage. It held with four section (Elementary school students, Junior high school students, High school students and general) 4 person 11km to 28km relay and Tasuki (sash) is handed from unner to the next.


The Onuma Lakeside Relay Race

会場: 大沼公園広場、大沼湖畔周遊道路

アクセス方法: JR大沼公園駅から徒歩5分

主催: 大沼湖畔駅伝実行委員会

開催日: Apr. 29th, 2023

お問い合わせ: 道南陸上競技会 岡部寿一

電話: 0138-73-7336