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Nanae’s good stories 06

Hokkaido’s largest carnation producer

Nanae boasts Hokkaido’s largest and Japan’s second largest carnation production levels.

The Nanae Flower Production and Shipment Association was established in 1985, when a flower wholesale market was opened in Hakodate. At first, the association looked for every possible way to develop itself to gradually unify cultivation techniques, visit advanced regions, increase the number of greenhouses, and develop new markets. Flowers from Hokkaido have a good reputation in other prefectures for their excellent colors and long life, and the association increased production thanks to the reputation and Nanae’s favorable weather conditions.
In 1988, the cultivation area of spray carnations, a leading item, was expanded when a joint fruit sorting system was introduced.

Today, seven farm households grow flowers in the Onuma area. The production of carnations begins around January, when the area is still covered with deep snow. Carnations are carefully grown in temperature-controlled greenhouses, where they are pruned and selected. Shipment reaches its peak in July through August, and colorful carnations are shipped to companies and markets in Hokkaido and elsewhere.

More than 100 varieties of carnations, including spray and standard varieties, are cultivated in Nanae, which is considered as Hokkaido’s best carnation producer in terms of production volume and quality.
Carnations, a popular gift for mums in Japan, are grown through the untiring efforts of farmers.7.

Coverage cooperation: Shuichi Awata, Awata Farm