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Onuma dumplings

Popular old-fashioned Onuma dumplings represent Lake Onuma and Lake Konuma.

Onuma dumplings, which began as something sold at a local station, are made with high-quality ingredients and come in three flavors: bean jam, sesame and soy sauce. They have a soft texture and an old-fashioned, simple taste that people never tire of. It is said that a box of Onuma dumplings represents Lake Onuma and Lake Konuma, and dumplings in the box represent islets floating on the lakes. The style in which these bite-size dumplings are eaten with a toothpick is unique to Onuma. This taste of Onuma has a strong following.

Numanoya sells dumplings in two flavors and Taniguchi Sweet Shop in three flavors.


Taniguchi Sweet Shop