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50.Tai Koen(Fishing Pond)

Enjoy the fishing pond in summer,
and Ice fishing in winter.

It’s a fishing spot nearby Onuma Park Plaza. (You can go there through the walking path “Oshima-no-michi.”) Enjoy the carp fishing and Hera-crucian fishing at the pier or Ice fishing on the frozen lake in winter. The master has a warm personality who wants visitor enjoy the experience in Onuma.
It welcome large group. Please feel free to contact us.

The End of April to the End of November
●Hera-crucian fishing ・Carp fishing ・・・Fishing rod(With bait)¥800/hour

The Mid of December to the End of March
●Smelt Ice Fishing in fishing pond・・・¥1,500/person
※Time limit : 2 hours
※Fishing equipment included
※From the Middle of December to the Middle of January

●Smelt Ice Fishing・・・Adults ¥600, Children ¥300/ Equipment Rentals ¥500
※There is no time limit.
※Please apply until 2:30 p.m.
※Rental tent available.(Capacity 4 persons,¥1,500/day)
※From the Beginning of January to the Middle of March

■Menu Language (Japanese)
■Entirely non-smoking
■Parking lot Available
■Facilities are available for group of over 15 people
■Any family with children is welcome
■Pets are also welcome
■Free pick-up and drop off service

Updated on Mar., 2023


50.Tai Koen(Fishing Pond)

住所: 1023-25, Onumacho, Nanae-cho Kameda-gun, Hokkaido, 041-1354, Japan

電話: +81-90-2810-7347(Kawamura)

営業時間: 9:00~16:00

定休日: Irregular Holidays