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Wakasagi smelt tsukudani (simmered in soy sauce)

Wakasagi smelt tsukudani is a popular local product in Onuma, which goes perfectly with rice and is seasoned with a secret sauce handed down by local fishermen.

This tsukudani is made with fresh wakasagi smelt, a local product in Onuma that has been boiled down in large cauldrons. The whole wakasagi smelt can be eaten, making it a great source of calcium. Please enjoy the traditional taste offered by each tsukudani manufacturer.

Tsushima Kinsei

Tsushima Kinsei’s tsukudani is made using a traditional recipe with no additives. It has a delicately sweet, natural taste that people never tire of.

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  • Tsushima Kinseki
  • Station Hotel Asahiya
  • Onuma Tenbokaku
  • Tamura Souvenir Shop
  • Porotokan
  • Friendly Bear
  • Numanoya
  • Shirotai Farm Observatory (open from May to mid-October)
  • Taniguchi Sweet Shop



Characterized by a mildly sweet taste, this product is exquisitely seasoned with salt and perfectly cooked. A handmade product with a natural flavor.

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  • Gengoro
  • Table De Rivage