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Two-colors / Three-colors dumpling

4.Taniguchi Sweet Dumpling Shop

It’s dumpling shop for a long time in Onuma.
“The three-color dumpling” which you can enjoy three tastes at a time.

It is a Japanese sweet shop which established in 1943. They do not use any additive at all, and these are natural tastes.
There are Two colors of dumpling (bean jam and soy sauce, sesame and say sauce) and Three-colors dumpling (bean jam, sesame and soy sauce) .

■Sectionalized smoking
■Parking lot Available

Updated on Apr., 2023


4.Taniguchi Sweet Dumpling Shop

住所: 312, Onumacho, Nanae-cho Kameda-gun, Hokkaido, 041-1354, Japan

電話: 0138-67-2026

営業時間: 8:30~17:30

定休日: Irregular holidays, Year end and New year