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“Nanae pickles”
“Grandma’s miso taste squid pickled”

They produce some processed food using local ingredients, for example “The Nanae pickles” that used the apple from Nanae, and “Grandma’s miso taste squid pickled” which a kind of Japanese cuisine, preserved food that is made from the fermentation and maturation of the internal organs of cuttlefish.

You can buy these products at souvenir shops in Onuma Tourist Information center, Roadside Rest Area Nanairo Nanae, Hakodate Airport, and in JR Shin-Hakodate-Hokuto Sta.

Onuma Tourist Information center is selling following products.

・Grilled scallops
・Grilled scallop strings
・Grilled squid
・Retort curry with seaweed and squid

Updated on Apr., 2023



住所: 647-15, Onumacho, Nanae-cho Kameda-gun, Hokkaido, 041-1354, Japan

電話: +81-138-67-2469

営業時間: 9:00~18:00

定休日: Closed New Year's Holiday