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Nishioshima Bridge

It is the entrance to a walking path “Oshima-no Michi”

It’s a bridge which view of Mt.Komagatake in the front of Onuma Park Plaza and is seen on the right. It is the start point of the walking path 15 minutes course “Oshima-no-Mich”. The current bridge is made of steel, but in the 30’s Showa era, it was superior for designing with a railing of the wooden decoration. From the top of the bridge, you can overlook “Nishioshima” and Mt.Komagatake and is also photography spot. Cross the bridge, the colored leaves such as Japanese Maple, Konara oak, Beech, Cherry trees changed to red, yellow, green dyed vividly in autumn.
Walkers heading for “A Thousand winds Monument”, should cross this bridge.

※Traffic of the bicycle is prohibited in the walking path.

The completion: September, 1987
(Picture provided by:Iwayama)


Nishioshima Bridge

住所: 北海道亀田郡七飯町字大沼町