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Wakasagi smelt ikadayaki (grilled fish skewers)

Crispy, salty-sweet wakasagi smelt ikadayaki is carefully handmade by local women.

Wakasagi smelt ikadayaki is named so because it looks like a raft (ikada in Japanese).
Its production began around 1955. During the peak smelt season each year, wakasagi smelt are carefully skewered by local women. Enjoy the crispy texture and fragrant flavor.

Tsushima Kinsei

This handmade product offers a traditional taste that has continued for four generations. It is carefully grilled to bring out the natural flavor.

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  • Tsushima Kinseki
  • Station Hotel Asahiya
  • Onuma Tenbokaku
  • Tamura Souvenir Shop
  • Porotokan
  • Friendly Bear
  • Numanoya
  • Shirotai Farm Observatory (open from May to mid-October)
  • Taniguchi Sweet Shop



This product is simply seasoned to bring out the natural flavor of the smelt.

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  • Aundo
  • Numanoya


Characterized by a mildly sweet taste, this product is exquisitely seasoned with salt and perfectly cooked. A handmade product with a natural flavor.

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  • Gengoro
  • Table De Rivage