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As many of you may have heard in the recent news, there have been many cases of the highly pathogenic H5 strain of bird flu reported in Japan and it’s our big concern that the flu may spread all over Japan.





The flu is not infectious for humans and going bird-watching is not dangerous. However, feeding birds would bring them closer to people and it would not be the best action to prevent infection. It also may disrupt the ecosystem of birds. Please refrain from feeding the wild life.



  • DO NOT go near the lakeside.
  • DO NOT chase or catch birds.
  • DO NOT touch any dead or weakened birds. If you find any of those birds, contact Oshima General Sub-Prefectural Bureau immediately. (contact information below)



  • If you touched bird droppings or feathers, wash your hands and gurgle well.
  • If you stepped on bird droppings, wash your shoes well.



Enjoy birdwatching with moderate distance between the wild life and yourself.

We deeply appreciate your understanding and corporation.


Commerce, Industry and Tourism Section, Nanane Town Office

Phone: 0138-65-2517


Nanae Onuma Tourist Information Center

Phone: 0138-67-3020


Environment and Lifestyle Division, Department of Health and Environment, Oshima General Sub-Prefectural Bureau of Hokkaido Government

Phone: 0138-47-9439/ 0138-47-9400 (night and weekend only)


Natural Parks Foundation Onuma Branch

Phone: 0138-67-3477